How to Select the Best Provider For Lower Back Physical Therapy

Lower back physical therapy is often used in conjunction with massage or chiropractic care. Often, this type of therapy is performed after an acute injury, such as a herniated disc, that has left a patient unable to move his or her lower body.

The lower back physical therapist uses several therapeutic techniques to treat back problems. Usually in conjunction with massage or chiropractic care, the therapist helps the patient to relax and return to normal daily activities after an injury. Patients who have chronic lower back discomfort should never expect a miracle cure from physical therapy alone.

A physical therapist will often use special tools to help with a patient’s pain and discomfort. For example, some therapists will use special devices like heaters, ice packs, and heating pads to treat pain and inflammation. Other tools include heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation to help ease pain in the lower back. This type of therapy has been shown to be very effective at reducing pain and improving patient function.

Some back injuries are caused by muscle imbalance in the back. When a muscle becomes overworked, which causes the patient to experience pain, the doctor can order tests called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. The MRI images show what exactly is causing the pain, how bad the pain is, and whether or not a disc has slipped and injured the nerve, which is the cause of many lower back aches. It is often possible for a patient to have surgery to repair the damage done to the spinal cord, but some patients prefer to wait and let the healing process take place naturally over time.

Sometimes a patient can experience nerve irritation and infection, which could lead to swelling and bruising. One of the main goals of the physical therapist is to reduce pain so that the patient is better able to be able to work on his or her rehabilitation. If an injury requires surgery, the physical therapist can also help with surgery recovery by using ice packs, heat therapy, compression sleeves, or other therapeutic aids that can help prevent further injury. and pain from infection.

Most patients of physical therapists focus on their patients’ overall health, but sometimes they will use exercises designed to help treat low back pain when a doctor does not feel that the patient is ready for surgery or if it is not absolutely necessary. Although low back injury can be painful, many patients report that it is actually easier to do home exercises than it is to spend a week or more at the hospital recuperating from an injury.

A physical therapist should always be informed about the history of the patient and the medical history of any patient who comes into his or her office. Physical therapy for back pain should always be performed by licensed and skilled professionals, including people who are board certified. Physical therapists have a lot of experience and expertise in treating patients with back injuries. These professionals know the right way to perform the various treatments and understand how to treat different types of back problems and injuries.

Patients should also be told the possible outcomes of their condition and the potential risks and side effects of each of the different treatments that the physical therapist may suggest. For example, some physical therapies such as exercise can help reduce pain and inflammation in the lower back, while others may help reduce pain and swelling. In addition, there are treatments and procedures that involve pain relievers that can help prevent back discomfort during the recovery period. After the physical therapist has completed the evaluation, they can give a patient a treatment plan that can work best for him or her.

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