American Electric Power Transmission Line Disclosures – 3 We May Make the Information Available to Third Parties Who Is Providing the Product, Service or Information That You Have Requested (but Not Your Broker)

American Electric, also known as American Electric Power, is an investment-owned power company in the United States, supplying electricity to over five million residential customers in 11 states. It is one of the country’s largest electric transmission and distribution companies, with a broad presence in several key industrial areas, including West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Maryland. The company’s roots date back over a century, when it was first formed as an association of businesses that manufactured light poles and other electrical goods.

We also distribute or provide marketing materials containing advertising for American Electric Power. When you visit this web site, the most common use of this web site is for advertising purposes. To help you navigate this web site and to read the information contained herein, you are advised to read the “Frequently Asked Questions” listed at the beginning of this article. You should also note that “ASP” is commonly referred to as “American Standard Personalized Services Provider,” which is used to represent the various products and services that American Electric Power offers. The information below relates to “disclosures relating to American Electric Power,” which are expected to be completed by the end of this article.

Regarding American Electric Power’s distribution systems, including its ” electric railway ” system,” you should know that American Electric Power has consolidated its operations and its customer relationships under one operating agreement. Under this operating agreement, American Electric Power’s distribution system will be operated in a manner consistent with this operating agreement. This operating agreement also includes additional terms and conditions with respect to American Electric Power’s marketing and promotional programs. You should review these additional terms and conditions with regard to American Electric Power’s distribution systems, including its” electric railway” system, before you provide any information to third parties who may use the information that you have requested.

In addition, you should know that American Electric Power’s transmission system “ground fault unit” requires a minimum of $200 million insurance protection from unanticipated damages. If an insured damages an element in an American Electric Power transmission system, an owner of that element will be required to pay for the costs associated with repairs, and any expenses that exceed that minimum protection level will be borne by the insured. Similarly, if a transmission line is damaged by an insured accident, the owner of that transmission line will be required to pay for the costs associated with repairs. Please see the “Disclosure” at the end of this article for a discussion of “disclosures”, relating to American Electric Power Transmission.

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